• Go North 2 - The Journey TVC 1 of 5
  • Go North 2 - Red Woman TVC 1 of 5
  • Our Leading Edge Video ad - In Space
  • Bundaberg Motor Group - Go North

As a full-service advertising agency we can book all media, at our agency discount rate, specialize in thoughtful, strategic communication through advertising, and interactive solutions. We are constantly expanding our offerings and our client roster to include local, regional, and national brands.

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  • Pre-production: Planning, scripting & storyboarding, graphic design
  • Production: shooting/recording
  • Post-production: editing, VFX, Sound engineering and creating the final output
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We create visually entertaining, out of the box concepts that push the envelope for the target audience.

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Welcome to BMGmedia.tv

BMG Media is a full service advertising agency specialising in creative production for all forms of media - television, print, radio, web, mobile.

About Us

BMGmedia Mission

At BMG Media our focus is to produce creative work that delivers real results. We accomplish this with concepts that are designed with a singular purpose… to achieve our clients specified goals. It is that simple.

With a no holds barred approach, we can create a unified campaign across any or all media platforms that will deliver results. It can be controversial, conservative, visually amazing or dead simple. But it will be clever, it will be creative and it will perform.

BMGmedia Team

Michael Hennessy
over 20 years industry experience
Creative Director | Director | Producer | Editor | Scriptwriter
Jodie Crozier
over 10 years industry experience
Guru of social media
Matt Bryant
over 15 years industry experience
Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Web Designer | Front End Developer

BMGmedia Projects

As a full service agency BMG media offers an array of services ranging from high end TV Production, concept and design through to animation, online and print advertising.

With a specialist team across all fields, we have the facilities to fulfill any design, marketing or creative demand handed to us.

Our Portfolio

  • TV


    BMG Media has a team of award winning  - directors , producers, scriptwriters and actors that  have been creating projects for over 20 years. We have produced and been involved in numerous Feature films, TV series, short films, music clips, tv commercials and documentaries across the globe. Call us to bring your project to life.
  • Digital Media

    Digital Media

    Our digital marketing and communications combines strategy, creativity, technology and data to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.We combine strategic thinking, engaging creative and leading-edge technology to produce award-winning work for all things digital.
  • Photography


    At BMG Media our passion for photography is dedicated and unique, we strive to capture the perfect shot, that moment in time that encompases the raw emotion and passion you want the viewer to feel.
  • Print Media

    Print Media

    At BMG Media we can manage your concept for all froms of print, press, billboard, logo, stationary etc. from conception to completion to ensure the concept remains intact.

Client Ads

  • Bundaberg Motor Group Online
  • Burdekin Motors
  • JEEP Blackhawk
  • Jeep Cherokee Runout
  • KIA Rio
  • Land Rover Bundaberg
  • Leading Edge Video
  • Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Star of the Sea Catholic School